PMI Mid Missouri Chapter

PDC Volunteer Roles Description

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our chapter’s annual conference!  Please refer to the General Volunteer Expectations below and Volunteer Roles list provided on Page 2 before completing and submitting this application.

General Volunteer Expectations of All PDC Volunteers

All volunteers are critical members of the event team.  As part of the team, these general expectations should be considered and accepted before seeking a volunteer role.

  • Must be responsive to the committee and team lead. Acknowledge information shared and respond to inquiries in a reasonable timeframe to avoid delays and missed target dates.
  • Plan to participate in team or committee meetings that are scheduled. Be prepared to participate by having available the information you are responsible for and/or provide details in advance if appropriate.
  • Work with the individuals on the team to develop and maintain a positive team environment and a successful PDC event


Volunteer Roles Description


 Team (Reports to) 

 Role Description 
 Already Filled - Breakout Coordinator  Program Team
  •  Manage and coordinate with volunteers for necessary breakout session suppor
  • Manage the setup and requirements for breakout sessions
  • Assist with program planning as needed
 Breakout Session Facilitator  Program Team
  • Role is required at the event
  • Announce the speaker introductions for assigned breakout session(s) - details will be provided for reading the introductions
  • Deliver the welcome & closeout for assigned breakout session(s)
  • Monitor breakout room for technology, temperature, etc. throughout session to resolve issues immediately
 Already Filled - Speakers Coordinator   Program Team
  •  Assist with review and selection of speaker proposals
  • Coordinate with Program Lead to manage the speakers information and deliverables
 Sponsorship Coordinator   Marketing Team
  • Help to establish sponsorships by identifying and making contact with potential sponsors
  • Follow-up with potential sponsors for confirmation
  • Help to gather sponsor items prior to event
  • Report results for overall coordination of effort
 SocialMedia Support   Marketing Team
  • Support digital presence on platforms 
  • Work with Marketing Lead for content used in marketing
Event Photographer  Marketing Team
  • Role is required at the event
  • Serve as official photographer throughout event
  • Publish photos during event for live information
  • Make all photos available to committee lead upon completion of event
Meals Planning Support Logistics Team
  • Work with Logistics Lead to determine food and beverage requirements and selections
  • During event, work with venue contact to assure food and beverages are available per contract and any special needs addressed
  • Confirm food and beverage line items on invoice are accurate
Already Filled - Materials Print Coordinator Logistics Team
  • Manage production of printed conference materials
  • Work with Marketing Team and Program Team to obtain necessary materials for printing per schedule
Registration Support  Logistics Team
  • Must be available onsite 3 hrs prior to event start time
  • Assist with completion of conference packet
  • Assist with registration area setup, support and cleanup as needed
  • Maintain attendee database during event registration

Members in Spotlight

  • Rosamaria Ingram
  • Kyle Moore
  • Stacy Obermuller
  • Anastasia Ratcliff, PMP
  • Robert Smith

  • Thomas Insall, PMP
  • Neil Smith, PMP,CAPM

  • William Perkins
  • Randy Wyatt

  • Ciara Bauer, PMP,CAPM,PMI-ACP
  • Anthony Borgia, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • David Brothers, PMP
  • Jason Goran, PMP
  • Hannah Hooven
  • Thomas Hoyt, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • John Isbister, PMP,PMI_RMP
  • Stacy Maskey, PMP
  • Kimberly Russell
  • Glenwood Stancil Jr
  • Donald Wigglesworth