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CANCELED- May 2022 - Personal Currency in a Project Management Virtual World

CANCELED- May 2022 - Personal Currency in a Project Management Virtual World

Personal Currency in a Project Management Virtual World


Speaker: Wayne Shaw, CIO and Cybersecurity Consultant

Mr. Shaw has operated in the server-based computer industry since his graduation from Columbia College and has more than 30 years’ experience operating in the server-based computer industry. For 20 years, he orchestrated a thriving cloud computing business, which he built from start-up and took nationwide. This business served small- to medium-sized businesses and software companies in a wide variety of fields, including accounting, legal, financial, human resource staffing, lawn care, physical therapy, radiology, religious and state organizations and more.

His company is versed in national and international cyber security, including successfully assisting an international business attorney with data security challenges resulting from her travel to third-world countries. Six years ago, Mr. Shaw founded Five 9s Consulting in order to help fulfill the growing demand for experienced cyber security professionals. Since starting Five 9s, Mr. Shaw has been in high demand for speaking engagements and I.T. consulting services. To learn more about Mr. Shaw and Five 9s Consulting, contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit his website at

Mr. Shaw

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Course Abstract

With the need to send employees home to work, the work-from-home movement got a huge boost. What we have found in the board room is a split of three-quarters of the companies are adopting a work from home or a hybrid model. To add to the concern/challenge, there is an additional pressure of the lack of workforce availability and “personal currency” changes in the workforce. To make this move, a change in management style and philosophy has had to take place. That change is not relative to what work has to be done, but how to measure the work product and find milestones for measurement. In English, “don’t worry about how much time is spent “working” and concentrate on production and results.”

So how does this affect Project Management professionals? Project work products now need to be broken down into processes and projects with timelines and deadlines. Yes, it sounds like piece work, but it has been astonishing to learn how much waste is being found in time and money when accounting functions were taken apart.

This course provides an opportunity to earn 3 PDUs in half day.

Presentation outline

This three-hour course provides insight into the evolving work-from-home movement and addressing the challenges and pressures that this new environment brings to assist project management professionals in addressing these new challenges from a personal currency perspective, as well as, when managing projects. You’ll gain a high-level understanding of how to measure the project work products and determine milestones for measurement.

Objective 1: Addressing the challenges and pressures of working from home and adapting to the new work models

Objective 2: Gain an understanding of challenges and best practices when changing and adapting management styles as you move from “how much time you spend on working” to concentrating on production and results by measuring work products and finding/determining milestones for measurement

Objective 3: Learn how to focus on breaking down project work into processes and projects, and in so doing, address the waste that may be found through the actions taken when concentrating on production and results


Provide insight into the project manager’s new focus based on the work-from-home environment as it shifts from time being spent on “working” to concentrating on production and results, and the challenges it brings. Additionally, navigate through the challenging waters of lack of workforce availability, while ensuring a focus on personal currency in order to successfully manage projects in this new environment.

Event ID: 20220520-01

Talent Triangle PDUs:
Technical - 1.0
Strategic & Business Management - 2.0

Leadership - 0
TOTAL PDUs - 3.0 

Date / Time of Event:
May 20, 2022 9
:00 am – 12:00 pm


Attendee Cost:
$36 for members
$45 for non-members

Course Includes: Includes course content delivered to each registrant via the workshop.

Recommended Audience: This presentation is geared to all professionals interested in the topic.

Prerequisites or Requirements: None

Event Properties

Event Date 05-20-2022 9:00 am
Event End Date 05-20-2022 12:00 pm
Capacity 100
Registered 2
Available place 98
Cut off date 05-16-2022 5:00 pm
Individual Price $45.00
No. of Strategic PDUs 2.0
No. of Technical PDUs 1.0
No. of Leadership PDUs 3.0
PMI Event Number 20220520-01
Location Online/Virtual

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person ($)
6 36.00



Introduction and Workshop Start


Session #1




Session #2


Workshop Wrap Up


Wayne Shaw, R.P.

Owner and CEO – Five 9s Consulting, LLC, R.P.O. Company with the CMMC-AB

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