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Sunday. 15 May, 2022 - Saturday. 21 May, 2022
Thursday. 19 May, 2022
9:00 am

May 2022 2-Day PMI-ACP Exam Prep - Instructor-led virtual class via GotoMeeting


The Velociteach 2-Day PMI-ACP Exam Prep course covers the history and basic concepts of Agile, its methodologies, strategies—all the key areas of required study for the certification exam. Looking beyond the exam, the course also offers real-world applications of the Agile approach.

The course will include frequent quizzes, exercises, and interactive lessons that require full student engagement. Students will receive the bestselling book in the industry on the PMI-ACP Exam, The PMI-ACP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, written by Velociteach founder and CEO, Andy Crowe.  The textbook also includes two simulated exams.  In addition to attending the two-day class, participants will spend time in InSite, our cutting-edge online classroom, completing PMI-ACP practice exam questions. With two days of intense focus and all the necessary live instruction, materials and post-class support you need to pass, you’ll have everything required for success.

Friday. 20 May, 2022
9:00 am

CANCELED- May 2022 - Personal Currency in a Project Management Virtual World


With the need to send employees home to work, the work-from-home movement got a huge boost. What we have found in the board room is a split of three-quarters of the companies are adopting a work from home or a hybrid model. To add to the concern/challenge, there is an additional pressure of the lack of workforce availability and “personal currency” changes in the workforce. To make this move, a change in management style and philosophy has had to take place. That change is not relative to what work has to be done, but how to measure the work product and find milestones for measurement. In English, “don’t worry about how much time is spent “working” and concentrate on production and results.”

So how does this affect Project Management professionals? Project work products now need to be broken down into processes and projects with timelines and deadlines. Yes, it sounds like piece work, but it has been astonishing to learn how much waste is being found in time and money when accounting functions were taken apart.

This course provides an opportunity to earn 3 PDUs in half day.

Members in Spotlight

  • Cory Alspach, PMP
  • David Kent Barnes II, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Andrew Burgess, PMP
  • J.P. Doran, PMP
  • Shirley Elaine Ellul, PMI-ACP
  • Olawale Ibitoye, PMP
  • Shilpa Kadam, PMP
  • Jennifer Niermeyer
  • Jenny Patterson, PMP
  • Kari Utterback, PMP
  • Paul Whatley