PMI Mid Missouri Chapter

Event Payment Policy


The PMI Mid-Missouri Chapter offers a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from no-cost events that do not include meal provision to full-day events that include meals and beverages. The chapter’s online registration system is used to announce the events and to accept registrations with payment until the published registration deadline date. This policy outlines how event payments will be handled.

Event Payment with Registration

Effective December 1, 2017, all event registrations involving a charge to the attendee will require payment via PayPal in order for the registration process to be accepted. The options previously available for ‘mailing check’ and ‘pay at the door’ will no longer be available.


PayPal is a commonly used payment method that accommodates payment through the user’s debit or credit account. The payment for an event is processed immediately through the PayPal system.

Members in Spotlight

  • Brian Glass
  • Kathleen Harmon
  • TaSean Lockett
  • Shawn Mueller
  • Kafilat Owolabi, PMP
  • Ashley Rausch
  • Jeffrey Schwicht, PMP
  • Stephanie Sheperd
  • Fred Stone
  • Amanda Young

  • Christine Babel, PMP
  • Myra Drummond-Lewis, PMP

  • Julie Allen, PMP
  • Tammy Barkhoff, PMP
  • Saralinda Bauer, PMP
  • Justin Clutter, PMP
  • Samantha Cook, PMP
  • Daniel Crouch, PMP
  • Arthur Despins
  • Myra Drummond-Lewis, PMP
  • Tiffany hanks
  • Jarred Howell
  • Tam Jones
  • Elizabeth Lea, PMP
  • Carson Lepper, PMP
  • Lisa Meester, PMP
  • Brenna Michael Matz, PMP
  • Thomas Reichart, PMP
  • Chris Sanders
  • Christopher Scott, PMP
  • Lacey Weddle, PMP
  • Marcy Wood, PMP