PMI Mid Missouri Chapter

Chapter ByLaws Revisions for Member Review (New)

** Notice to All Chapter Members **

Be an informed voter!   The chapter’s Board of Directors is proposing changes to the chapter’s ByLaws. The revised ByLaws will be presented for chapter member approval along with the election for 2021 chapter board members in early December.

The reasons for proposing these changes to our bylaws are two-fold.

  • In support of a long-term strategic initiative to expand the board structure for better coverage of chapter activities and chapter member needs.
  • To apply PMI’s global template format to our bylaws for standard terminology and formatting.

The proposed revisions are summarized below.

Article IV. Section 1. G.  Simplified statement, no change in meaning

Article V. Section 2.  Reduced the terms of office for chapter board member from 5 consecutive 2-year terms (total of 10 years) to 4 consecutive 2-year terms (total of 8 years). The 10 consecutive years does not prove to be sustainable.

Article V. Sections 4 and 13.  Removed the role of First Vice President, and instead added a role of Vice President of Marketing (Section 13) as a voting board member responsible for chapter marketing activities.

Article V. Sections 8 and 9.  Modified the role of Vice President of Professional Development (Section 8) to transfer responsibilities of managing networking programs and student programs to the Vice President of Programs (Section 9). Vice President of Professional Development will be specifically responsible for professional development events and workshops.

Article V. Section 18.  On guidance from PMI, specifically established the VP of Administration to assume duties and office of presiding officer in the event the President is unable or unwilling to complete the term of office.

These proposed ByLaws are available here for your review. We encourage you to read the document prior to the election dates in December, and if you have any questions or comments concerning the proposed changes, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members in Spotlight

  • Nelson Guzman
  • Thomas Hoyt, PMP
  • Michael Smith, PMP

  • David Brothers, PMP
  • Thomas Hoyt, PMP

  • Jana Bott, PMP
  • Jason Cecil, PMP
  • Michael Flagg, PMP
  • Victoria Harding, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Philip Hartman, PMP
  • Fauna Hubble
  • Ritchie Jenkins, PMP
  • Kevin McDaniel, CAPM
  • Kathleen Myers, PMP