Events like these don’t grow on trees (pun intended)!

It takes a whole community to pull off this event. Each of us bring a unique set of skills, and we can definitely find a job for yours.

Wondering how to get involved?

It’s easy! Review the General Volunteer Expectations and submit your application today!

General Volunteer Expectations

All volunteers for the PDD Conference are critical members of the event team.  As part of the team, these general expectations should be considered before accepting a volunteer role.

  • Be responsive to the committee and team lead.  Acknowledge information shared and respond to inquiries in a reasonable time frame to avoid delays and missed target dates. 
  • Plan to participate in team or committee meetings that are scheduled.   Be prepared to participate by having available the information you are responsible for, and/or provide details in advance if appropriate for the meeting agenda.
  • Work with the individuals on the team to develop and maintain a positive team environment. Do your part, strive to meet your commitments, assist others when you can, and keep the communication lines open.  If you see a potential issue or problem, bring it up for discussion and resolution as soon as possible.
  • Utilize the event Dropbox location for document storage related to the event. Folders are created for each team, so documents should be saved to the relevant folder.  A standard naming convention is helpful in sharing documents among team members.  

Volunteer Roles

PDD Role

Team (Reports to)

Role Description

Volunteers Coordinator

Volunteer Team

  • Coordinate steps in finding and assigning volunteers to PDD roles that best fit their interests and experience
  • Communicate with Volunteers and Leads for roles assignments

Social Event Coordinator

Program Team

  • Work with program team to coordinate the details of the social event
  • Develop the social event program
  • Determine the food and beverage requirements for social event, in coordination with the logistics team

Breakout Coordinator

Program Team

  • Manage and coordinate with volunteers for necessary breakout session support
  • Manage the setup and A/V requirements for breakout sessions
  • Assist with program planning as needed

Breakout Session Facilitator

(Select volunteers from registrations;

# needed will be determined based on program sessions)

Program Team

  • Provide the speaker introductions for assigned breakout session(s)
  • Welcome & closeout the breakout session(s)
  • Monitor breakout room for technology, temperature, etc. throughout session

Sponsor Coordinator

Marketing Team

  • Identify and develop list of potential sponsors
  • Oversee all sponsorship deliverables and ensure they are met
  • Provide assistance in post-conference contact to sponsors

Materials Designer

Marketing Team

  • Design and create the conference packet contents
  • Assist with Marketing Team activities as needed

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Communications Team

  • Manage digital presence e.g. conference website, social media platforms, etc.
  • Work with Communications team for content used in marketing

Content Developer


Communications Team

  • Develop appropriate content for various notifications, announcements, and publications (may include chapter newsletters, PMI® Today,, etc.)

Venue & Rooms Coordinator

Logistics Team

  • Manage housing needs
  • Work with venue to ensure requirements are met e.g. audio visual equipment, space allocation
  • Manage transportation needs for speakers and off-site activities (if any)

Meals Coordinator

Logistics Team

  • Work with Venue Coordinator and Programs Team to determine food and beverage requirements and selections
  • Work with venue contact to assure food and beverages are available per contract and any special needs addressed
  • Confirm food and beverage line items on invoice are accurate

Materials Print Coordinator

Logistics Team

  • Manage production of printed conference materials
  • Work with Marketing Team and Program Team to obtain necessary materials for printing per schedule

Registration Coordinator

Registration Team

  • Assist with registration area setup, support, and cleanup as needed



Please complete and submit this volunteer application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..