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Valerie Zumwalt


Session Sneak Peak

Valerie’s keynote session Thursday evening, Growth Gap Traps that Keep You Stuck (and how to overcome them), will set us on a path of growth. Personal Growth is not a natural process in most people’s lives, but in order to reach our fullest potential, we must grow with intentionality, not by accident.  We’ll identify and destroy the 8 growth gap traps that are stopping you from reaching our full potential. We’ll debunk the most common excuses people use to explain why they are not reaching their goals and you’ll leave with a plan on how to overcome them. Remember, growing is not a goal, but a life-long process that MUST start with being intentional.

A little more about Valerie

Valerie is the founder of Show Me Leaders, a leadership and personal growth company that believes in and works with human potential. This presenter helps people and organizations unlock their greatness and coaches them to grow from their effort.

As a serial entrepreneur, Valerie is a tested business leader and has earned the respect of the top leaders in our community. Valerie has created a reputation for growing businesses and creating cultures and structures to take business to the next level.


Keith Mathis



Session Sneak Peak

Keith’s keynote session Friday, Are Your Projects Struggling? Introducing the Hybrid Approach for Running Projects Successfully, will wrap-up the event with insight into Hybrid Project Management, which is the combination of traditional project management and agile for the purpose of delivering high quality projects and products to the customer.  Have you ever felt that your project methodology was not working for you, but against you?  Today many organizations are using the hybrid approach by default because nether traditional nor agile methodologies can be used 100% of the time on their projects. Stakeholders find themselves adjusting each methodology to work within the constraints set by the organization to increase the possibility of success.  The Hybrid Approach is not just adjusting but using components of both methodologies with a purpose.

A little more about Keith

Keith is a consultant who specializes in project management and organizational behavior/development. Keith has done thousands of presentations to every kind of organization including teaching skills on topics such as team building, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, project management, supervision, performance appraisals, goal setting and numerous other organizational proficiencies. He has authored two books and numerous training programs as well as magazine and newspaper articles. Keith is founder of The Mathis Group, based in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Andrew Stewart



Session Sneak Peak

Andrew Stewart’s breakout session, How to help teams succeed with Agile, will breakdown the ingredients for creating high performing teams. At its core Agile is about teams.  “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” is listed first in the Agile Manifesto for a reason.  Think of any great product or company and you will find behind it, great teams.  Today leaders still employ management practices that were designed for the industrial age and undermine the effectiveness of Agile.  The Digital transformations we’re all a part of operates under the new conditions of volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity (VUCA).  This requires adaptive leaders to develop new ways of working to help our organizations survive or thrive.  As a project manager, we’re commissioned to help our organizations navigate change every single day.   It all comes back to building great teams.  How should project managers of the future approach agile project team leadership?  What are some of the common myths of building project teams?  What are some of the common mistakes leaders make when leading agile project teams?  What in the world do we do with traditional managers in an Agile environment?  Join this session to learn the recipe for creating high performing teams and epic team cultures that succeed with Agile.

A little more about Andrew

Andrew is a project manager-coach and an established guide to the future of hybrid project management.  He helps build high performing teams and products that people love.  He’s leading an Agile transformation at Columbia Insurance Group with a mix of emotional intelligence, human-centered design, Agile and disciplines from the PMBOK.  He believes that project managers today will be adaptive leaders tomorrow.  These 21 Century leaders will inspire people and their organizations to hyper-collaborate and continuously solve interesting problems.  Andrew consumes approx. 10 books a year (business, leadership, Hebrew and Greek texts) and holds two PMI designations (PMP & ACP), IC Agile’s-Agile Team Facilitator(ATF), and the ITIL Foundations v3 certification.