PDC Speakers

Alan Mallory - Project High Notes - Interpersonal factors that enhance project teams 


Alan Mallory is an international speaker, author and performance coach who is passionate about reaching new heights in all that we do. His unique philosophy of life revolves around empowering people and embracing an agile mentality focused on goals and outcomes. Alan holds a degree in engineering from Queen’s University and a masters in psychology from Adler University, giving him a well-balanced approach to the outer and inner challenges we all face. He has worked internationally with large organizations as a professional engineer and project manager developing patents and implementing solutions to complex challenges in the mining and metals industry. Alan is also an accomplished musician specializing in the electric violin, a distinctive talent that he integrates into many of his programs.
Project High Notes focuses on the external, internal and interpersonal factors that connect project teams and allow them to function effectively. Through psychology-based evidence and examples, Alan explores the concepts that project managers need to understand in order to enhance project cohesion.

Jeff Harry - How Ted Lasso's leadershipstyle can help you build psychological safety


eff Harry combines positive psychology and play to heal workplaces, help teams build psychological safety and assist individuals in addressing their biggest challenges by embracing a play-oriented approach to work. Jeff was selected by BambooHR & Engagedly as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers and has been featured in the NY Times, Mashable, Upworthy, Huffpost, Shondaland, Wired, NPR, NatGeo, & Forbes. Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day. Over the past 15 years of facilitation and speaking, Jeff’s main goal has been to help work suck less by assisting leaders in building a playground workplace atmosphere that motivates their staff to do their most vibrant work.
In this workshop, we will explore how play and positive psychology are essential to building psychological safety in this surreal new reality of work. We will analyze through the lens of Ted Lasso what currently needs to be added to your workplace that would create the culture your staff is looking for to feel comfortable playing. Finally, we will determine the initial steps you need to take to create a "stay curious" environment where staff can do their most vibrant work.

Chris Harris - Project Management Insights from the field


Chris has 28+ years’ experience as an agile digital transformation engagement leader in the healthcare industry as consultant and IT leader. Mr. Harris is presently an Engagement Manager at Trace3 where he provides healthcare industry experience and expertise that enables clients to integrate, and operate convergent solutions across data, security, and cloud that embrace emerging technology and drive measurable value. His experience includes a combined 21 years in healthcare consulting with Ernst & Young LLP and Deloitte Consulting LLP. He has also been an IT leader as Division IT&S Officer at University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, Ohio and VP Information Services at Albany Medical Center, Albany, New York. 

In this workshop, Mr. Harris will share his insights, experiences, and lessons learned from 28+ years of directing, managing and delivering large complex Electronic Health Record implementation programs.  He will discuss the importance and impact of thinking more critically about the PM activities and tools utilized throughout a program and how that can lead to significantly more effective project results.

Alana M. Hill - It's the Greates Show on Earth

Alana Hill.jpg

Alana M. Hill, PMP is an international change leadership expert, inspiring professionals to lead change in themselves and others, to create resilient, and competitive organizations. She is a passionate energy industry veteran who has paved the way for women leaders in tech. Her experience as an engineer and project manager in talent development provides real-world insight into how people and teams can excel, even in the face of adversity. Alana’s career has been marked by her leadership of diverse teams and the delivery of high-impact workshops worldwide. Before founding 2Hill Consulting Services, Alana enjoyed a colorful career with the international technology corporation SLB (formerly Schlumberger). She progressed from Field Engineer to Program Manager, managing multiple change initiatives and even learning to drive an 18-wheeler! She has been a valued champion for diversity, equity & inclusion, especially in STEM fields. Alana holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University.
In this inspiring program about team leadership, Alana demonstrates how purpose and passion can re-energize you and your team. Through engaging activities, she will take you on a journey to define your team’s mission and strategic imperatives. You will learn strategies to help you connect with and impact each person you lead. This interactive program will leave you with strategies to grow you into a resilient change leader who influences their team and their organization. Leading change…the Ms. Engineer Way®.